Terrible Writer's Block, My Friends . . .

Yes, the dreaded writer's block has settled in once more. Since I have no idea what to write, I ask you to tell me your funniest writer's block stories. How far have you gone trying to massacre the anti-writing demon? Once, I stayed up ridiculously late until I couldn't think straight (weirdly enough that worked)so if you think of any good block stories for me, please comment!! ^^


not wendy said...

When I'm having writer's block, I play this super-fun (and sometimes really competitive xD) writing game with friends. You need at least three people to play, and the best way is on an instant message service, like aim. One person is "It", and the other people are the writers. It chooses a time limit, paragraph limit, and completely random topic (say, time bombs or talking sparrows). When It says go, the other writers write a little story about said topic using the guidelines It set forth. When It says "stop" at the end of the time limit, the writers post their stories. It decides which is better, and whoever is picked is the new It.

My friends and I have done time limits up to 30 minutes and as small as 1 minute, but it`s really up to you. I hope this helps. xxx

Athena. said...

Oh, dearest, this happens often with me. Rather, I write a lot of nothing at all. I find that I write best at night-time, too. Ghost thoughts come back to me.

Beautiful films and books and music usually make my heart beat like a hummingbird, and the words arrive, again.

Everlove said...

Thank you so much for the tips. I think that the demon is beginning to wither. I followed both your blogs, as you are such beautiful writers. If you could give any feedback, it would be so appreciated, I wish for my writing to grow and blossom as a rosebud in the summer sun.