She waltzes on a tight rope
a tiny wire doll
She walks with winter,
sings of snow
and prays the birds will fall.
She counts the stars
as she swallows earthly light,
she spends ages running
sweet soliloquies in the night.
She listens to her inner Lady
spilling lies of perfect flight
and she sheds the layers day by day,
counting bones to make things right.


Ever said...

I just thought this was worth sharing. I send this as a prayer for those who feel that they are imperfect
and waste away
trying to reach
the unreachable, unreal

not wendy said...

Breathtaking. I get so happy when I find a new blog I know I will be following for years to come. xx

not wendy said...

Oh, and I really must expressly thank you so much for adding me to your Wings list! It's an honor to be listed beside all of those amazing blogs. <3

Melee said...

Oh, this is really wonderful! I have been that "her" before. On those days when I seem to be drowning in my own insecurities.

Ever said...

not wendy: Thank you so much for following ^^ you are a huge inspiration and I'm honored.

Melee: I loath those days. They create cavities in my soul. Thankfully, sometimes a poem or two will sprout there, and the ones grown are always more incredible than the ones thought up.