I slide silver pins beneath my skin,
and smile.

You wonder "How is invisibilty possible?"
I know.

The world views through crooked glass,
slanted to cut you in halves.
They only see what you let them
"Then why can't you see....

....I'm falling apart..."


Greer said...

don't fall apart.
you are wonderful.

Ever said...

Thank you so much! <33

Melee said...

I love this. People do only see what you reveal... and I only let them see such a little piece of me it's no wonder I'm practically invisible. But I like it this way.

P.S. Don't fall apart! Then I would have to sew you back together and I make an awful seamstress.

Ever said...

I'll try love, but if I do, please weave me into daisies, and spin me into paper. I'd love, for just one moment to be Chopin's sheet or Plath's composition.

Melee said...

Oh, that is such a lovely thought! I will certainly try. <3