My breath frosts your lenses

as I invade your thoughts.
I drag my limbs against the current

of your brutal rejection.
Want me
"I want you"

need me
and mean it.

Can't you imagine, for just a moment
that you could love me too?


Ever said...

Those images are 100% percent mine! They are my mouth (I swear it doesn't really look that good everyday), my favorite shoes and favorite pants (RIP those blue jeans, my eye and my head. So please no one take them and spread them through the web? Thanks.

Melee said...

Oh, these words are so heartbreaking. How painful it is to want to be needed and wanted by those whom we suspect must not even give us second thought.
Beautiful pictures, too.

Ever said...

Thank you so so much! And I fixed that MAJOR typo. Because forsts is NOT a word :D

Joanna said...

This is heartbreaking :( but beautiful. I hope that things get better - everyone deserves to feel wanted and loved. xx