My fingers burn
with complexity worth miles
and old stones too hot to kiss.
I weave my days like lucid dreams
and bend silver into airplanes.
She and He and They look-see
at the pretzel puzzles I enfold.
You teach me knots of bronze and lace
or at least that's what I've been told.


mckenzie. said...

I love the phrase "lucid dreams", dear. You are so creative!

Ever said...

Thank you! :) I actually saw the word lucid on your blog and that made me think of it. xxx

Melee said...

I really like the phrase "lucid dreams" too! Isn't it wonderful how much others inspire us? I know I've written long things just because of something someone said or because of a word I saw and wanted to use. :)

Ever said...

Yes! haha. For my poetry class my teacher is having us keep little booklets to write down the things we see or hear that inspire us. It's very handy, I think.