Poetry Out Loud

This Thursday, Jan. 13 the top seven people in our poetry class will recite to see who is going to state level. It's terribly, awefully exciting.
I am one of these seven and I want to go to states more than words can describe.
My poems are [if mama/could see] by Lucille Clifton and Blackberrying by Sylvia Plath.
I ghost myself down the halls everyday, resounding each line, tone, and syllable. My friends and I speak poems to each other,
and even with writer's block I feel so honored to be in such a group of lovely amazing people...
I keep telling myself that this competition isn't about winning, it's about preserving poetry.
I would be so honored though, if I were to win. I love you, dears, wish me luck!


Melee said...

Best of luck, m'dear!! That sounds like an amazing experience.

Ever said...

It is! Nerv-wrackingly beautiful, and I so hope to do the poems justice.

Anonymous said...

You, are so amazing.
Simply... Simply what you are doing, it is amazing.
You are much too beautiful for words.
But I know that you will restore that same beauty into words; I just know it.

If you still want to follow me, love, my new blog address is now

Do take care.
Good luck!
Bella. x