We - You =...

bags under eyes, late night smiles
laughs and textile hearts transmitted bravely over vines
washed away
with unlimited words and dangling m

bittersweet, like retasted, reharnessed, reheated desserts
m&ms dropped in salt.
like paper, words written and erased so many times
it catches fire

small and lonely. An average, rusted tin can
erroding each day as it stands
untouched, unseen, uneffected.
like an old film strip. The picture interrupted
by white flecks of dusty ideas
angry technical issues.

It's beautiful like a rose,
that when bending with the wind
pricked itself and bleeds
It is stomped, drained, petted, and pruned
by itself and all around it.

If thoughts could speak, my dear, your's would say

"Like as friends"


Melee said...

I love how you format your posts. Like each one is a carefully worded and formed masterpiece. :)

Ever said...

Thank you dear!
I do this also with my school blog.
It's funy that it only takes me a moment to do it. A friend of mine watched me and was amazed.

The next day she spent an hour trying to color code her poetry.

Masterpiece? Thank you so!

mckenzie. said...

Every post is a delight to read!
Never ever stop!