The perfected frenzy
buried beneath burn-edged photographs.
They are the ageless obsessions
born black and blistered
with characteristic white flecks.
Surprisingly human, they have likeness,
to the eyes
and lips
and lashes.

It was just one snap, at first
that split itself into broken bits of girl
layering her hair with artificial reds,
browns, and blondes.
She is fifty polaroid prints,
with others' curling bones
blank blinking bones
that stare you down
in their off-white glory.

(I waited such a long time to post because this is my 100th post! *confetti*I really wanted this post to be something special. Ah, well. I love you all, you are so completely amazing and inspiring. Sometimes I don't think I could get along without you and your beautiful thoughts.


Melee said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! And I would definitely deem this post worthy of being such a milestone. :)

Anonymous said...

sure is special, ever! but i think all your posts are special and amazing... :)♥