...Dears, I feel so alone.
I feel like this now in fact.
We all scramble through this world,
of whispered secrets, and some of us...
Hurt more than others... But you,
beautiful souls,
are so lovely.
You are ballet perfect, pink silk ribbons,
stained with little ink verses
enchanting end rhyme.
You are my alliteration, Every ounce of assonance,
all reckless disregard for my own ideas,
I write for you.
I write for the hurting ones to heal,
(or at least find peace)
I write for your lostness.
I sit and write for hours on end because
You Move Me.
And I feel so very blessed.


Anonymous said...

dear Ever, this is so beautiful... thank you for this... and yes, we do feel alone sometimes... i feel alone too, sometimes... oftentimes. Whenever I do, I write... to feel a little less lonely, I think. Thank you my pretty! You touched my heart in ways I can't express. I love you <3

Melee said...

Oh, I do so love this! It is gorgeous. I cannot tell you how often I feel like this. Reading your blog and others inspire me in so many ways. <3

Pip said...

I love this. It's funny how you describe exactly how i feel right now. Thank you. X

Ever said...

Thank you dears, your comments mean the world to me xxx

Jade said...

This is beautiful!! I love how you used different sizes and styles to have a concrete effect. And the line that stood out most to me was about how you wished to heal the hurting through your writing, or at least for them to find peace. Mature, wise & admirable.