You are silver veins across windows
sheilding crackled tree arms.
I am standing, straight and poised,
against the wind of your battering blizzard.
You are slithering lies,
snaking hope.
Am I to accept your nonsensities?

Thank you for your well wishes, I'm doing alright loves. I hope that you are all able to find your way back to my blogs alright! Intractable Whisper's url has also been changed to


Philosophia said...

this is beautiful and heartbreaking. i hope that you are alright, you are a lovely soul, and i am glad that you are standing strong in the face of this event.


Glitch said...

This is beautiful - you are such a gifted writer...

- Glitch. :)

Anonymous said...

how could i not follow you over and over again, dear Ever? your words are stunningly beautiful.