I don't have many words for how I feel but I think I'll sum it all up with some nice pictures for you :)
I've been reading through your blogs and I keep realizing how much I wish you all lived near. It would be lovely, wouldn't it? If we all knew each other. But, of course, we don't. There are some of you who live a few states away but
that's still very far. :( Ah well, we all get along fine here, don't we? In our little secret blogger lives, scaling the web and shrinking the world around us.
That's all I have to say, I suppose, here's the post for you!

You are the shining essence of blue
silver-tipped dove wings

Downy white clouds to fall into
the curling wisps of what could be.


A Gallery of Broken Hearts said...

It would be nice wouldn't it? To be so near, to share our lives, and stories, and secrets, with just a whisper in an ear. With just a glance of an eye. Sometimes I feel my closest friends are here, in this metaphorical universe we have created for ourselves. This one we get lost in; falling into a slumber of words and poetry, and pictures.
And sometimes I feel I'm more a part of this imaginary life than the one I'm really living in.
I love you, dear.
You're wonderful.

Anonymous said...

i would really love it if we can meet each other in the real world too :)

beautiful pictures, dear.

Melee said...

I wish we did all know each other! I think it would be fun to be starving artists together, living in some garret. Hehe. ;)