The ocean was, itself, an echo
of every lonely soul standing on this earth.
It inhaled and pushed itself further,
trying to reach the land
and all its glories.
Then it tried to gather,
in that helpless second of breath,
every person, place, thing,
that it could.
This was its' insatiable thirst
for the nouns it could never contain.

She was frightened by it.
She spent years teasing the edge of water
running away from the angry current.

Until one day, she stopped running
from the waves,
quit playing catch with the sea.
A wave enveloped her,
and it felt, to her, like being safe.
Her head fell back into those loving arms
and for a moment, the ocean was at peace.

But this taste of the world it wasn't allowed
only caused the sea to weep,
like the greedy monster it is.
{There's a reason the ocean tastes like tears}

(Some very long thing I thought up while reading Seacret, a post by Lilah on She is a lovely writer, and if you don't already, I suggest you go lose yourself in her words. I do all too often :)
Thank you all for the comments on my last post, despite the awful spelling there. I never write love poems so after five tries at writing, that little thing was what I came up with. *shrugs* Ah well. My exams are coming up soon and my summer's resolution is to write much, much more than I have been lately. I love you all and will be back as soon as possible! <3)


Valmai said...

Darling, your words are always beautiful to me. I have missed you. I hope everything is well. You are amazing!

mckenzie. said...

pure beauty.

Melee said...

This is so amazingly beautiful. The first line was perfection, as was the last. So well done, dear. <3