Exerpt and update :)

She stands on the edge of forever.
She glances behind her at the railroad life she's travelled
and the wind makes her hair and spirit writhe.
She sits down clutching onto her knees and asking "Has everything really come to this?"
She is incomplete,
she is loved,
"This can't be the end, can it?"
She was one of the lonely,
one of the ones who cried into her pillow.
She was one of those who curse their existence,
and now that existence has run itself out.
Her heart throbs achingly as she pictures her family, imperfect but loving. Her eyes well as she pictures her friends, quirky funny people that she never felt she deserved... But wanted none the less.
She stands and wipes her eyes.
This is the path she chose, she had to be brave and face it. Below the edge there was a shining light, and in her soul she felt it calling to her.
She jumped.

Bathed in gold,
the sunlight stings.
Bubbles leave her mouth,
as she silently,desperately

(A small exerpt I wrote to go with those lines at the end that I wrote. Alot has happened! I've got a job now, at a theater concession stand. I absolutely adore it. People are so nice, the work is easy and fun and I feel so uselful! I know Melee passed me the Dear You {thanks for that, dear!} Now I just have to decide who my letter will be to... Hmm
Love you all,


Melee said...

Wooow! The imagery in this! It's incredibly evocative and the end left me breathless, wanting to know more.

Melee said...

{Oh, and you're welcome! :) Good luck deciding who to write to! It took me a day or so to think.}

mckenzie. said...

Stunning. As always. Never stop writing.

Lilah said...

i love this,
you have an incredible talent for writing.