Losing Touch

Beneath the amber glow of stars
We breathe.
We are undying, in this moment
Our preservation sings itself on
The cool wisps of each exhale.
The wind hushes our secrets
As we sleep in a dust of cloud cover
And float on a sea of perfect

I sink into the soft
Caramel of your eyes,
Enthralled and enamored
With the petals of your lips.
You trace yourself an outline
Between me and nighttime bliss,
You paper me with lace
And I smile with each shiver
Of feeling that no longer is.


Melee said...

Ohh! Such gorgeous and provocative images you have ignited with your words! Superb piece, dear.

AVY said...

Lovely, both words and picture.

/ Avy

The Quaintrelle said...

This is absolutely magical. It sounds like a soft breath in one's ear.

Child said...

This is beautiful and tender and reminds me of dusk.