It is cool grass, brand new upon
Your bare toes.
As you run
Adrenaline sick.
Be the breeze,
Run your energy through through the hairs of
This place.
Tickle me with sunlight
And shoot it up,
Make me shine.
Nothing resists the ocean blue of your eyes;
Dancing, in the curling rains
And falling, giddy, from
This secret plane.
So very average, it's bright as heaven.


Barry said...

I'd love you to walk me through this sometime, I'm intrigued.

heyjudeismoody said...

This is beautiful. Vivid in colour and smells and sounds. The grass, the breeze, and the ocean. It felt very lucid, like I was walking through the scene. The last line has it, average, yet not so average at the same time.