Dear Followers and Passerby,
I'm terribly sorry that I haven't been replying pormptly. I'd like to let you know that I save all comments in my email, and that I adore you all.
I'd also like to apologize that my blog has become something of a dreary place, as of late. I'm going through some small heartache right now. It isn't the first and won't be the last time this happens.
I feel like I don't thank you all often enough. Your reading and following is the biggest reason that I now produce two or three poems a day, which is incredible to me.
I think I'll finish with a few fun facts, because life should always include fun facts.
1. My blog used to be called the spoken and it had no followers and too too many loud colors and gadgets that I felt distracted from the writing.
2. My screen name is dervived from my initials EVR. I simply added an 'e' ^^
3. The blog title and url come from an acrosstic that I posted in October: Falling, Floating, Flying. I used Floating as the title because, socially, I float from place to place with no real destination.
4. 90% of the time I am blogging from my cell phone. I really don't go on on the computer much. This explains the lack of comments since Blogger mobile doesn't allow commenting.
5. I am chronically self concious. I look in the mirror and see very differently then what everyone else says I am. I also hide too much behind my verse. There are messages for you, friends, hidden in my posts.
6. This is probably the longest post I have written in my three months.
7. Lastly, the photostream at the bottom of the blog is of my neighbors prize roses. They are beautiful to photograph.
It's supposed to look like the viewer is shrinking.
Thank you all again, so so much,


Melee said...

Don't worry about it, dear. It's good to have a place you can express at least some of the heartache. Hope you feel better soon!

#7 - It does look like the viewer is shrinking! I never noticed that before - what a cool idea!

Ever said...

I feel a little better by the days. Why do we love only the one who could never love us?

Haha! Thank you! I took those.... two years ago? The roses bloom the same every year. They reach out over the fence and beg to be photographed.

Melee said...

I often wonder the same thing... I wish I knew the answer. Might have saved me a lot of pain.