I thought this up while searching for new pictures for my Wishes page.
(I suggest you sing Masquerade from The Phantom Of The Opera while reading :)  )

It was in the way he looked at me,

across the busy ballroom
His cloak like wings,

his fingers like strings,

a dance was sure to follow.
He smiled a deviant,
whispered in lace

and asked me near,
with sparkling eyes
to have a dance beneath
the twinkling chandelier.


mckenzie. said...

decadence. :)

Melee said...

Oh, this is enchanting!
(This is kind of random but, I've always had an absurd fear of chandeliers falling on my head if I should happen to stand under one!)

Ever said...

Scary, but understandable. I have a similar fear of elevators. There is just something unnerving about heavy things supported by small cables.