I think it is simply amazing how we all read each other's thoughts from across oceans.
Where are you all?
Not to be nosy, I'm only curious. I can see what countries my views come from and I think I have figured out where most of you are. Is it lovely where you are?
It's just... Breathtaking, to know that we can grow poetically thanks to the wonderful internet.
I am so glad that I stumbled into this world of
writings on walls, where we scrawl in
the doors
the windows
the reflections that we see.
We could create anything here,
and I thank you all for ever inspiring me. I could live, happily, with this kind of freedom, growing wingframes and glueing your feathers to their wire suspensions.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love you.
You are, you are such a friend to me.
I'm in NSW in Australia, though you might already know that. I don't think many on here, not that I know, are from Australia.
It's incredible; we're scattered everywhere, but we find each other; and more so, ourselves, in this one place, this blurred line between one dimension and the other.
It's wonderful.

Melee said...

Oh, yes. This is exactly how I feel! It is so amazing, isn't it? We're finding kindred spirits all across the world.
I'm just from the good ol' USA. The eastern border, to be vaguely specific. ;)

mckenzie. said...

This is a sweet ideal, blogger attracts people all over the world!

I am from New Zealand, myself.