New Blog

No, I am not getting rid of this one. I just realized last night how apart our little worlds are and wondered, what if we could connect? We could create in the company of other writers, and help each other grow. We could post our seperate blogs there as well, so that we could bring closer our little worlds. So I created this blog, and I hope you will all look at it and seriously consider joining. You are all such amazing, inspiring writers. xxx


Anonymous said...

oh, i do hope you will not get rid of this one. i'm a new follower, and i read your past posts... the poems are lovely!


mckenzie. said...

Dear, I hope you are not made in any way unhappy by my reply. I really do wish I could join this, and honestly, I would without second thought if I was not already involved in another one.

Best of luck with it, dove, I know you'll do very well. xxx