Hello dear friends,
It's been a very busy week for me so far! We had ACTs and I think I did alright...
Alot of times I won't comment on your blogs, just for the thrilling anonymity of it. I read them all as much as possible, but I find myself lost in them, inhaling and sinking into your words... Sometimes, I simply have nothing to say.

My favorite time if day is evening. That is when the shadows thin themselves, stretching impossibly tight against the concrete. The sun grows old and golden, it narrows it's eyes on the passing day and quietly dies. It's only sound, only whimper is it's gentle explosion. It throws the ending bits of itself into the clouds and pleads for someone to please, please see and rescue it, but no one does. It dies anyway and we all stop in our tracks, frozen in it's closing eye, and smile at the beauty of it's sorrow...

Sometimes I just have these thoughts, and they are strangely comforting.

I love you all and I am so sorry that all I have is this random ramble for you all! I promise to post something better next time :/
Love you all!


Glitch said...

That's beautiful! really is... <3 you have a way with words, Sweets. =]

I feel the same way with blogs sometimes... sometimes I just can't comment on them//because I hvae nothing to say.

Anonymous said...

ah... my dear ever, your posts are wort the wait. :)

Ever said...

Glitch: Yes... Or sometimes I just have too much to say! Too much to say that words couldn't accomplish.

haze: As are yours dear! I love your blog, it has a calming happy feeling to it. Very lovely.