I exist in the reversed world of puddles.
I am the floating refraction of you
Staring up from an aerial view.
I am the unrippling slam of fists
Drumming against your mirrored lies.

On my side of things, I have trained my eyes
To envision summer lights,
The glowing aftertaste of ivy and fireflies.
The sly secrets grin in your face.

On my side of things,
You See.A sunset is the final explosion,
A dying cry for help.

The concrete surges before me.
I am grid locked,
trapped in this puzzle board
Each piece infinitely perfect,
In and of itself a masterful stretch
of forever.

Your absence is not fading,
It is highlighting.
You are the golden fringe
Containing and supporting
Entirety in my fibers.

Here the tantalizing trees are my models
And I stay inside the lines.


Heather said...

Yes. I love this.
Not the reflection, but the refraction. I feel this.

Melee said...

Oh, what imagery! This is so beautiful.

Also, I gave you an award on my latest blog post! :)

Ever said...

Heather: It reminds me of your little picture there! The shoes reflections :) so nice.

Melee: Oh dear I just saw! It is so wonderful, thank you sooo much! xxx