Go ahead and weep.
I am only flickering, afterall.
It's better if you flee,
cataloging in my head
each number a decreasing score,
a flightless, crying scar
that wants nothing more from me then pain.
Logic your way in
fight your way in deeper.
Depleting incandescence
is all we stop to see.


helloxbeautiful said...

Even though this poem provokes such sadness, your writing is oh so beautiful and captivates my soul. It does every single time I read it. Oh, you are such a remarkable writer, my dear. I absolutely love reading your works of art. You are wonderful. <3


Melee said...

This is a beautiful, haunting piece. <3
(I heard a faint melody in my head as I read this...)

mckenzie. said...

You always do post the most lyrical little sweet-nothings. How I have sorely missed reading you, Ever x