There is so much,
too much,
to say.

I can't begin to wrap the words together
nor can I undo the ones I have created.
The thing about creativity is
once it is done,
it cannot be undone.

The intricate vines that you weave
layer themselves
into the most unspoken beauty.
They thicken until each and every reader
is shut out
from their truth; their connotation.

The denotation,
while pleasent and blooming
with lilacs and sweet pea blossoms,
is never what it seems.

Eventually, what you have created
will begin to bloom itself
cascading into the neon sharpness,
carving into acute angles.
Withering until the flower-scent
seeps into your mind.

It's pollen wiggles into the crevices,
dangling along your neurons
puncturing your occipital lobe.

These vines encase you
wrapping into a tight shell,
protecting your innermost softness
and locking your secrets up tight.

Together, you sprout thorns.


Lilah said...

thats so beautiful
i absolutely adore it.
i think (with your permission) i would love to repost it with a link of course tagging you as the writer
its written so perfectly

Anonymous said...

ahhh ever.!
this is beautiful as always!

Melee said...

Oh, oh! This is marvelous, Ever. Absolutely beautiful. <3

Heather said...

There is always too much to say.
We have a tendency to try and overcome this problem by using too many words.
Not you though.
Your words are carefully chosen, perfectly crafted.
They embody all there is, embody the gaps as well as the spoken.

Just_a_sheep said...

<3 I love your poetry this is amazing (as all your poems are) and to your dispair I think I may have decoded this one :D! Your vocabulary is Amazing as usual and your line breaks are "provocative." :)

helloxbeautiful said...

Oh, this is so very breathtaking. Your words are beautiful, and flow perfectly.
Absolutely beautiful. <3


Ever said...

Thank you all soo much!

Lilah: Oh I would be honored, dear! xxx