He is blaring,
spotlight-bright reflections,
beat beat beating into her eye sockets.
she performs for his waiting,
sparkling eyes.
She dances,
paints her lips,
and eyes,
scortches her hair over-curling it
just the way he commands.

Her heart exerts,
and she sits trying, for a moment,
to catch her breath.
"You bore me!" he says,
"You are a graceless, flightless bird."

She cries and resumes
she twirls on end,
toes cramping with strain,
lips chapping with song.
She bleeds there,
trapped in his light.
Toes leaking,
fingers shattering,
lips reddening.

But his head shakes,
as her arms sprout feathery dreams.
His eyes wander,
as his name she screams.
His eye-lights fade and go out,
as her feet curl and leave.
He finds a new dream,
as she's left floating
on the blackened screen.


Thea said...

oh, my goodness. this is amazing and heart-wrenching. so beautifully written, such a powerful piece of poetry. my heart goes out to her. i hope she will grow wings and fly into the sun. x

Melee said...

Such a strong, moving poem, dearest Ever.

I hope she will fly away too, far away from the people who do not even deserve to look at her.

AVY said...

I like the flow in this one, very good.

/ Avy

Heather said...

This is so, painful; beautiful, yes, but so deep.
Just remember, floating is so close to flying, all it takes is some conviction.

mckenzie. said...

Strong words, so personal and affecting. I love it.