Terrifically Awful Writer's Block

I really wanted to post something amazing. Unfortunately, I haven't written anything good in weeks. It's awful :(
I saw the conclusion to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I loved it. Now whenever I see the trailer, I start tearing up. I grew up with Harry Potter, I lived in that fantastic world of magic, and now... It's gone. Finished. It is a happy ending, so I suppose that's some condolence... Still.
So, for any fans who didn't know, the recipe for butterbeer is out and I'm trying to talk my dad into making it for me :P Also, the wands that J.K. Rowling used were based off the Celtic tree calender and, lucky me, I happen to have Elder as my wood month! (December)
I found a site for ordering custom wands and I'm planning mine out now. Elder wood with a phoenix tail feather core :) The site is They offer wood guides, custom designs, let you scan in your own designs, and apply finish all for about $30 (plus shipping and handling of course). I was absolutely tickled :)
So, that was my useless ramble brought on by extreme writer's block and a recent rekindling in my passion for Harry Potter.
Love you all and hope you're having a terrific summer,


Melee said...

I hope your writer's block ends sooner than later! It will end, they always do - they just sometimes seem to take foooreeeeveeerrrr.

I never read/watched Harry Potter or else I'm sure I'd be going through withdrawal now too! There's nothing sadder than a favourite series (film or book) ending.

Ever said...

I still haven't had any poetic inspiration, but I have started writing a story!! I haven't written a story in years!! Huzzah!

Jade said...
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Jade said...

Hi there, :)

Writer's block gets to me too a lot of times. Sometimes it's a matter of judging yourself too harshly and it might be good just to write anything, even if you don't like it, just to get something down. Other times it's a call for rest..and it might be nice just to do relaxing activities, look out the window, go for a walk, listen to music, do something that doesn't require a lot of effort.

I understand the frustration though.

Thanks for your comment on my blog! :)

Rebecca said...

I know the feeling, Harry Potter becomes a part of your life, and then (not so suddenly, but it seems to so) it ends.

The recipe for butterbeer is out, I definitely didn't know that, thank you for sharing. :)

I love the sound of your wand, Elder and Phoenix - sounds like a very powerful combination. :L